House Specialties

HORNITOS PLATA PALOMA • $8. Hornitos silver tequila, grapefruit juice, fresh lime, agave and soda water

CANCUN COLADA • $8.50 Bacardi rum, Raspberry Liqueur, strawberry puree and pina colada mix.

FROZEN MUDSLIDE • $9. Tito’s Vodka, Irish Cream, Kahlua and Milk

OREO COOKIE • $9. Tito’s Vodka, White Crème de Cocoa, Oreo cookies and milk

RUM RUNNER • $8.50 Bacardi Rum, Blackberry Brandy, Crème de Banana, and sour.

PLATANO LOCO • $8.50 Cruzan Rum, Crème de Banana, Irish Cream, piña colada mix.

BLUE CACTUS • $8.50 Tito’s Vodka Peach Schnapps blue curacao and pineapple juice.

SPICED MELON COLADA • $9. Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, melon liqueur and piña colada mix.

TEQUILA SUNRISE • $8.50 Cuervo Gold tequila, orange juice and a splash of grenadine.